What are all the best types of wood for shelves?

wood for bookcase

When you want to make the wood shelves for home or office, first of all everyone should need to know how and where you will use them before choosing a right type of wood for shelving. If you have a plan to use the wood shelves in order to display the light and small ornaments in your living area, you can widely consider the design and color of the wood instead of the strength. When the house owners wish to hold the heavy objects on your wooden shelves like home appliances or books, you should prefer the strength and stability of the wood at all. You should do the research on what wood for bookcase at your home or office.

Different types of woods:

    • types of wood for shelvesPine – Pine is one of the most popular and affordable softwood available currently in the market. This wood type is easy to stain, paint and also use so it is an ideal choice for several persons who want to learn how to make the wooden shelves. Even though the pine wood is the solid material, you can’t able to hold the heavy objects on it because the pine can easily dent or bend. It is definitely the best wood for shelves holding lighting materials.
    • Cherry – Even though the cherry wood is the hardwood, it is very easy to use and lightweight. Most of the people are choosing the cherry woods over some other types of hard woods because of its lightweight property for wood shelving. It is not only lightweight and hardwood but it also has the warm, rich and reddish color.
    • Plywood – In order to choose the best wood for building shelves, this plywood is definitely another best option at all. The plywoods are actually available in the different grades that determine the appearance and smoothness of knots on the surface.
    • Red oak – It is another suitable type of wood for shelving. It is sturdy and easy to work wooden material. This red oak is really great for your own shelving without any difficulty in cutting, handling and also finishing it.


The types of wood to use for shelves are not limited to these things because there are also several other options available such as Koa, Paduak and Mahogany for arranging shelves in the offices, homes, libraries and several other living or formal places.