What is meant by the self leveling epoxy?

self leveling epoxy

The self leveling epoxy is the one which results in the mixing of resin and the hardener compounds and they come in the separate bottles. When these two solutions are combines then the mixture is poured on the surface where it flows to the level with 1/8 inch thickness. It then cures the surface to be clear hard that has the feature of the water resistant and scratch, self-leveling this kind of the hard surface is used in the bars and restaurants on their tabletops.

epoxy countertopIf you want to make the epoxy countertop in kitchen with bottle caps, pennies and other kinds of stuff sealed inside then you will be requiring more additional epoxy layer because the per layer is of about 1/8 inch thickness. This cured epoxy countertop will gives you the very shiny surface and because of its clear and the resemble glass it is found to be the best countertop material for your kitchen. These countertops were made with the pro marine supplies table top epoxy and these products are UV resistant.

Disadvantage of the epoxy countertops

The epoxy countertops make the kitchen to give a very shiny and excellent look and this countertop are created with the hardener surface by using the quality of the materials and mixtures. The main cons of different countertops are that the amount of waste created while using self leveling epoxy especially when you apply this method to the multiple surfaces. The important thing is that the containers that the hardener and resin mixed together cannot be reused or recycled because the leftover epoxy curse inside the containers become very hard and they cannot be further used for any process. The following are the few don’ts of the self leveling cons of epoxy countertops and they are.

  • Don’t mix the large batch of the epoxy at a time
  • Don’t use the epoxy in the small space container like RV
  • Don’t work with the bare foot
  • Don’t breathe while mixing the mixtures
  • Don’t expect it to be fast and easy to use

The epoxy countertops are to be used in certain ways for getting the best results and outcomes and it is your responsibility to make the kitchen countertops to be hard and beautiful look.


The kitchen epoxy countertops should be applied on the surface with the help of the brush where these epoxy countertops will be providing you the great and rich look to your kitchen, but you need to follow some certain kinds of the things to get the better outcomes.