Rubber mulch vs wood mulch

rubber mulch

The wood mulch is dominating the rubber mulch from longest time and still the wood mulch is found to be the popular one than the rubber mulch because the rubber mulch used to make some waves especially in the paths and playgrounds. This type of interaction with the topsoil is less of an issue where the rubber mulch is the source of the controversy in the gardening. The rubber much has the fair pros and cons where it is up to you to decide which you want to stay with rubber or wood mulch, but you should be very careful before selecting the rubber mulch. Before choosing the mulch first do some research and know the information about the rubber vs wood mulch only then you would able to find the best mulch.

wood mulch

Benefits of rubber mulch

  • Rubber mulch adds the additional safety to your playground and garden area
  • Rubber mulch is found to be a money saving qualities and it is a very attractive material that makes your garden area look beautiful
  • The rubber mulch comes in wide variety of the vibrant colors and these types of mulch are non toxic one to animals and children
  • The rubber mulch will not decompose in few years but it lasts for several years

How long does rubber mulch lasts

Most of the people now use the rubber mulch for decorating their garden and playground areas to look beautiful and elegant. By using rubber mulch you can decorate the playground and garden area where this rubber mulch, made from the recycled tires and for making this mulch several million tires has been used the problem is that these tires will be lasting for many years and it very useful to reduce the waste that fill the landfill.

This type of mulch is required for the playground area installation that to for some reasons but when we think that is rubber mulch worth it then it is found to be good one because the rubber material will is years to decompose and rust, so this type of material is found to be good one for using in your garden and playground areas. The higher end of the rubber mulch can last for the lifetime at your home in which the rubber mulching is found to be the great choice for the general landscaping and horse areas.