Guide on how to get gas smell off your hands

After doing the yard work or filling up the fuel in your vehicle, gasoline leaks have always been very common occurrences at most of the time. When these fall-ups do occur, your hands are usually the main thing in which the gasoline falls. After that, the deep chemical odor will come on your fingers and palms and it is somewhat challenging to effectively remove it. While removing gas smell from hands, you can make use of this excellent guide from the experts.

Gas smells removal solutions:

As removing gasoline smell from anyone’s hand is not an easier task, it can be easily handled with the help of some household remedies. The following are the suitable tips and tricks suggested by the experts to have the fresh smelling hands again by completely removing the gas smell.

  • White vinegar splash – Splashing your hands using the white vinegar will be a great solution in order to get gas smell off of hands. The chemical properties in the vinegar will work better in breaking the particles of gasoline and wash your hands using the running water to remove all those particles.
  • Rub using lemon juice – The citric acid present within the lemon juice will definitely be the powerful agent to eliminate the gasoline odor from your hands. You can also dilute lemon juice with the water and rub your hands for a minute. Then, wash it using the running water.
  • get gas smell off your handsRubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer – To remove gasoline fumes from hands, it is better using the hand sanitizer or you can rub your hands with the high percentage of alcohol. Pour small portion of any option within your palms and rub it with the hands for a minute.
  • Dish detergent and salt – With the use of the dish detergent along with the salt, you can rub your hands to remove the gasoline particles from the fingers and palms. After one minute rubbing, you can wash your hands with clean running water.
  • Baking soda paste – Mix small amount of baking soda with the water and apply this solution on your hands to remove gas odor.


All these methods are really very helpful, safe and also very effective to get gasoline smell off hands in an easier manner. When you are following these tips, you can definitely enjoy the clean and fresh hands at all.