How to find the best Roomba for hardwood floors in 2021

roomba on wooden floorsWhen you want to make the best decorations at your home, it is always better installing the hardwood floors which will add a special touch and make your home look eye-catching. At the same time, it will also add a real sense of the luxury and beauty to your home.

Today, lots of house owners prefer having the hardwood floor designs and choosing the best option from online store with large collections. But it is the challenging task to keep your hardwood floors shiny and clean.

Using a simple broom is probably inefficient to get rid of all the dust and dirt. It is better using the best vacuum cleaner but it is too time consuming. Instead of avoiding all these issues, it is always better using the roomba for cleaning your hardwood floors at home.

Top a for your hardwood floors

iRobot – The stage under the brand name iRobot is definitely the best robotic vacuum cleaner or roomba which has actually been programmed to independently operate at your home. Any model of the in this series actually has a set of sensors in order to help to navigate it automatically. It works better even when you are not at your home and you can able to keep your home always clean even you are in the busy life schedule. On the beginning of Roomba model popularity there was a competition between two models roomba 671 vs 690. Nowadays iRobot provides larger model line.

When it comes to the Roomba in the iRobot series, there you can find the various models with the distinct features.

  • Roomba 890 – This model from the iRobot model comes in the dimension of 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches with the 60 minutes run time. It includes the Li-ion battery with the AeroForce cleaning system. At the same time, it is considered to be the best roomba on wooden floors with the iRobot home with the wifi connectivity.
  • Roomba 960 – It includes Roombaseveral numbers of sensors than some other models. It can also able to find the different parts of the floor which are dirtier than others.
  • Roomba 761 – This model has the several key features including to consume scheduling, high tech controls and also virtual walls.
  • Roomba 650 – It is also the best choice of robotic vacuum for hardwood surfaces to clean with the several key features like 3-state cleaning system.
  • Roomba 870 – This Roomba 870 model from iRobot brand provides you the iAdapt navigation, 3 state cleaning system, scheduling capability and also the virtual walls.

robotic vacuum on hardwood surfacesAll of these models of the Roomba from the iRobot brand are highly beneficial to perfectly clean your hardwood floors with the various features and technologies. The first 2 models have the advanced dirt detecting technology to provide the multi-room cleaning and other 3 models include the dirt-detecting series II technology.

When you have one or more pets at your home, all of these models are definitely the most suitable choices of the cleaners to remove the pet hairs and all other things.